About Versus Me

From the founder

From an early age I have obsessed on how to improve the things that I enjoy. As a kid, I loved spending time alone in my bedroom. So I built all these compartments to organize everything better, bought the best audio system I could afford, and even went as far as building a small a mailbox for my room to 'improve communication' with my sister. Additional to this, I have a very addictive and competitive personality - which can be a volatile mix.

One of the many things I've obsessed about is Brazilian jiu jitsu. Naturally, after falling in love with the art and getting my brown belt under Robert Drysdale at Toronto NoGi, I inevitably started thinking about how to improve jiujitsu for myself. How to incorporate it even deeper into my life and enjoy it even more. A few start up attempts later, and many mistakes later, VSME finally came to be. I envision a world where jiujitsu is more woven into our lives thanks to the power of the internet.

A world with accurate jiujitsu statistics and charts, with online leaderboards for those who nurture their competitive spirits, with events that share profits with schools, and with events lasting three hours is a world I wish existed.  Adding incredible prizes only enhances the competitive portion of what we are looking to build. That's why VSME is here, and that's what we work hard to bring. I hope you're excited too.

I envision VSME Grappling as a fast-food type of service for jiujitsu enthusiats. We call it fast-grappling. You are in and out, while having a great experience, within three hours. And this is only the beginning as we have a lot of projects in the lab. Im glad you've joined us early. If you'd like to contact me, or if you have any questions or feedback, add me on social or email me at carlos@vsmeinc.com. Would love to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting VSME and the jiujitsu community.


-Carlos Rios

Social: @Riosbjj



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